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PEQ is creating a GREEN competitive advantage for our business!

We are socially equitable and committed to extraordinary practices such as tele-commuting that benefit workers, customers, communities, and the environment.

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PEQ works with a variety of public agencies that oversee critical municipal functions such as transportation, water and wastewater, stormwater management, watershed master planning, comprehensive land use, urban design, recreation and more.

Multidisciplinary Urban Planning Consulting

Comprensive Land Use


Stakeholder Involvement and Facilitation

GIS Data Analysis

Mapping/Urban Erosion Planning

Planners for Environmental Quality (PEQ) is an Atlanta-based multi-disciplinary urban planning consulting firm. Founded in 1992 by Inga Kennedy, PEQ is 100% minority female owned and operated, and is a certified DBE by many state and local governments as well as public agencies.

PEQ is an urban planning firm specializing in strategic stakeholder participation. About 80% of the firm's business involves the design, planning and execution of stakeholder participation programs.

We are known for our thoughtful approach to planning and program development, focused on creating meaningful, managed stakeholder interactions and connecting our clients with key stakeholders:

 program development
● program implementation
● community outreach/education
● meeting facilitation